Sitemap - 2021 - #The100DayProject Newsletter

Day 100 πŸŽ‰

Day 99: the journey we've been on

Day 98: designing a new container

Day 97: what you make others see

Day 96: art anticipates life

Day 95: looking back on our body of work

Day 94: the hero of your own story

Day 93: finding the through line

Day 92: everything you do is the most important thing

Day 91: you can stand under my umbrella

Day 90: There is no right way to do this

Day 89: a how-to guide

Day 88: what a misunderstanding

Day 87: say yes to your choices

Day 86: things you couldn't say any other way

Day 85: what do we do with the broken pieces

Day 84: dreaming bigger

Day 83: how to get out of "not knowing"

Day 82: make it about you

Day 81: zig-zagging part 2

Day 80: look how far you've come πŸ’«

Day 79: the golden record

Day 78: the limits of your longing

Day 77: just kids

Day 76: free association

Day 75: what happens when we get bored

Day 74: zig zagging

Day 73: the art of imperfection

Day 72: rituals for finding meaning

Day 71: something incredible is waiting to be found

Day 70: your creative process

Day 69: when spring came

Day 68: what does your creativity generate

Day 67: excellence

Day 66: it's a new dawn

Day 65: fresh perspectives

Day 64: literal, figurative, other?

Day 63: the feel-good folder

Day 62: the artist's way

Day 61: the art of the collab

Day 60: art RULES!

Day 59: a shape is just a shape

Last call for creative workshops 🎨

Day 58: your life as a source of inspiration

Day 57: a model for generosity

Day 56: making joyful art during difficult times

Day 55: the people who make us feel

Day 54: making connections

Day 53: name it

Find more creative inspiration ✨

Day 52: daily practices

Day 51: symbols in our work

Day 50: halfway "there"

Day 50: halfway "there"

Day 49: creativity as a way of being

Day 48: opening up

Day 47: choosing must

Day 46: identity leads to action

Day 45: the hardest part

Reconnect with your creativity

Day 44: the upper limit

Day 43: when it's all been done before

Day 42: the person you know best

Day 41: what are you paying attention to

Day 40: magic at your fingertips ✨

Day 39: the real secret of life

Day 38: what's it about though? 🧐

Come celebrate with the community ✨

Day 37: gleaming lights of the soul ✨

Day 36: this is the good part

Day 35: building your wings

Day 34: do I contradict myself?

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Day 33: this is just to say

Day 32: you don't have to be good

Day 31: are you having fun?

Day 30: give yourself permission

Day 29: what moves you?

Day 28: a little loving kindness

Day 27: it's just information

Day 26: we're just human

Day 25: questions that won't go away

Creative play sessions 🎨

Day 24: connect the line between any two dots

Day 23: things aren't always what they seem

Day 22: no one knows me like...

Day 21: how do you identify?

Day 20: appreciation is a wonderful thing

Day 19: finding your flow

Day 18: what are your avoidance mechanisms?

Day 17: the first sense of yourself as a creative person

Day 16: going back in time

Day 15: how does love show up in your work?

Day 14: the power of language

Day 13: success is...

Day 12: auditing your inspiration sources

Day 11: how to create the habit of creating

Day 10: bird by bird

Day 9: a story people tell about you

Day 8: how your creative project makes your soul grow

Day 7: cultivating structure and freedom

Day 6: creating one's world

Day 5: a room of one's own

Day 4: a recipe for creativity

Day 3: the collective work

Day 2: there's good information in all of it

Day 1: the journey begins!

#The100DayProject starts tomorrow (!!)

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