This one has really got me thinking - I know my original motivation for completing the 100 day project back in 2021 was to practice prioritising creative time (especially needed to help me survive home schooling during lockdown in the UK) and I feel like coming back to it every year is a good way to keep strengthening that sense of it being important and a priority in my life.

The other major bit of motivation is that every year I've chosen to focus on a creative skill I'd like to develop, I find learning & experimenting really rewarding in itself so it makes it a really enjoyable process.

This year ever quilt block feels like a project in itself, so that also helps with motivation, as it feels like there's regular little moments of completion - as the overall project is going to take a long time!!!

In terms of external motivation, I feel like quilting has brought together the creative things I love the most, so I really hope that doing this - both through what I learn and through sharing my project - it will help me develop my designs, find more people who find joy in what I'm creating & who also want to create their own projects using the fabric I design, and that will help grow the surface design side of things for me.

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I realize that the daily practice has awakened and strengthened my sense of internal motivation. I love it. Thank you. I had guests for several days and didn't fit in even 5 minutes a day. But boy did I miss it. I am hungry for my daily practice. I will fight anyone for my art time. Roar.

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