So part of my reframing discipline is not wanting to associate with that word because for me it has a long history associated with listening to others over myself about what I "should" be doing & not trusting myself (maybe one day I'll want to reclaim it, but definitely not in that space now!) however a similar word I have recently reconciled with is consistently, when I learned that actually definition is around repeated effort/action rather than anything to do with regular timing of that effort/action has helped me see I am consistent.

So I think for me it's really about listening to myself, understanding where I want to show up for myself consistently in my life & finding a way to do it that works for me, and I think that's something I've really been able to practice & build on by doing the 100 day project these past few years.

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Discipline is pretty loaded word - I associate it with my sports coaches coming up through rec leagues in soccer which culminated in my quitting the sport in high school. I associate it with "will power" and pushing through and grinding it out, all things I left behind when corporate burnout made me reconsider and reevaluate all of my priorities 15 years ago.

So I am swapping commitment into the place of discipline; this is a 100 day commitment, one day at a time. In other parts of my life, when I make it easy to set up a streak, I have set low levels of commitment that I can meet on days when I am not feeling it. It's amazing what five minutes of knitting can do.

I've already seen where making the guideline that #fiveminutesisgoodenough gives me the flexibility to do it even if I am not feeling it. I was definitely not feeling it yesterday after cleaning out half a garage storage and then sitting on two hours on Zoom calls last night. But, five minutes is easy enough and I found myself finishing five rows.

I also think giving myself the space this week to do a full week recap on Saturday has been such a blessing. I am still taking pictures of my work, but I am less worried about what I should say. It's giving me the space to think of witty captions on the seven hour drive home on Saturday.

I am loving these prompts - so helpful to keep me engaged with this project! Thank you Lindsay!

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Meg I really found your insights helpful! The word commitment is a more effective word to use I agree. I also loved how you found " 5 minutes" so fruitful to squeeze in creativity. I try and leave my supplies out while in the midst, making it easier to sit down for a brief session on busy days. Ty!!

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