What makes a good project?

Live Q&A this Sunday

Hi Artists,

You might be frustrated to hear this but there is no right way to do #the100dayproject. The rules are entirely made up! I won’t tell you how to do your project, or how not to do it. Your project belongs to you. It’s personal. There is no passing grade, and no failing grade either.

So let’s reframe the question: what’s a good project for me right now?

Your homework for the day: make a list of things you’re curious about, things you love, skills you’d like to develop or improve, and things you’d like to accomplish. Or maybe it’s not a list – you might draw your “list”, or make a vision board of images that represents it. Get creative ;)

If you feel inclined to share, post about your list in the comments – it just might inspire one of your fellow creatives.

Reminder that our Q&A is this Sunday, March 22nd at 9AM Pacific on my Instagram Live. You can also post your questions here or read the FAQ here.