It's time to start announcing your projects

And a few helpful recaps to get you going

Hello Artists!

If you missed the Q&A last weekend, you can watch last year’s here or read the FAQ here.

You’ve got just shy of two weeks until the project starts on April 7th. To recap, if you’re still deciding on your project here are a few helpful places to start:

  1. Make a few lists: what you’re curious about, what you love, what you’d like to learn or skills you’d like to develop, and what you’d like to accomplish. Now you have a ton of inspiration for what your project might be.

  2. Examine your why for doing the project this year – process, play, produce, or a mix? Having a clear why will help keep you focused when the project inevitably gets boring or difficult (that’s part of the project!).

  3. Once you’ve narrowed down your project, take it on a test run to see if it’s something you’ll actually want to do every day for 100 days. A little experimenting before we start will help you see where you might want to tweak or simplify your project.

  4. Decide what “counts”. It’s up to you! Some days you’ll have more time and energy than other days, so you might have a range – what a two minute project day looks like, a 20 minute day, or a two hour day.

When you’ve decided on your project, it’s time to announce it to your friends and followers. You can use this graphic or create your own. Use the hashtag #the100dayproject so other people doing the project or following along can find you, and add your own unique hashtag as well.

Any questions? Post them in the comments.


Art by Sharon McPeake.