It's Day 80 of #the100dayproject

how are you?

Hi Artists,

We’re here! It’s Day 80 of the project, which means that for most of us there’s 20 days to go. As always: wherever you are is perfect. Nurturing your creative self is a lifelong practice and has no finite ending.

I’m deep in my own project (writing the book proposal) and it’s starting to feel like something real – you really have no idea what will take shape until you sit down and do the work. Isn’t that thrilling/terrifying? 😜

A few prompts for you – if you feel inspired, share your responses in the comments.

What’s working…
What’s not working…
I’m noticing…
In the next 20 days I will…



P.S. Since we won’t be doing the usual live events across the globe to celebrate the end of this year’s project, I’ve been thinking about what a final event or artifact might look like – everything from a 100 days digital art show to a yearbook. If you have ideas, drop them in the comments!

Art by Sharon McPeake