Celebrating Black artists

+ it's Day 60 of the project

Art by Obed Obwoge; prints of Obed’s work available here

Hi Artists,

Thank you to everyone who responded with their favorite Black artists and creators. I *loved* finding new-to-me artists, and I hope you do too.

Here are the artists the community shared:

If I missed any that you sent me, I apologize – let me know, and/or please add more artists Black artists you love in the comments.

Loving Black art and Black culture is not the same thing as taking action towards justice for George Floyd and the many other victims of police brutality, or towards creating a just and equal society. Sharing these artists is just one small way to celebrate and support Black artists.

On that note: I encourage you to share too! And better yet: to buy their art.

It’s Day 60 of the project — how is it going? I’ve taken a few days off from posting on Instagram, but I am loving reading about your experiences of the project for the book (there are over 400 responses already!). If you missed the survey I sent out last week, you can find it here.


Art by Sharon McPeake